DIY Favours: Build Your Own marshmallow Snowman

It’s that time of year again when the kids are madly wishing for snow and making plans for winter break and I am dreaming of a break from the constant germs of school (I am looking directly at you double ear aches). So, what better time than to make DIY favours with build our own marshmallow snowman marshmallow!!

These little build your own snowman cuties take no skill what so ever – just an assembling of ingredients in a bag. And they make great party favours or are terrific to handout at school to wish fellow classmates a good winter break. Or a myriad of other fun occasions … like perhaps a Frozen movie night with friends.

They were fun and easy to assemble as a family. Though younger kids may eat more than they help. I really got into the assembling zone and was not monitoring how much sugar was being consumed, until our littlest was crying facedown, heartbroken.  Upon inquiry she informed us, in the saddest voice ever, that she had just eaten her snowman Ralph and she missed him! Perhaps let that be a cautionary tale to all!!

I personally find Starburst candy works great for being malleable enough to shape and mold into shapes (i.e. the carrot nose) and yet sturdy enough to keep the shape, but others couldn’t be bothered and used the orange Mike and Ike candies instead.

I ordered some inexpensive gift tags from the website, when I was ordering invitations, and it worked out to be a very economical and cute way to play on the popular Disney’s Frozen song ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?’

The Build Your Own Snowman Bags Require:

Clear plastic cellophane treat bags (we found these in the baking aisle at Michaels)

‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ gift tags (these were from Vista Print ) or make your own on card stock or gift tags

Staples and stapler

Large Marshmallows

Pretzel Sticks

Mini M & M’s (or similar candies)

Mini Chocolate Chips

Starburst Candies (for the ‘carrot’ noses) or orange Mike and Ike’s


Step 1 – Gather all your supplies together. The kitchen table makes a great place to set up shop for a snowman assembly line.

Step 2 – Cut your orange starburst candies in half and then mold into carrot like shapes for snowmen noses.

Step 3 – Start assembling:

3 marshmallows (snowman body), 2 pretzel sticks (arms), 2 mini chocolate chips (eyes), 3 mini m&m’s (buttons) and one molded orange starburst or other candy (for the nose)

Step 4 – Staple the bag closed by attaching the business card/label to the top and securing.

Step 5 – Repeat.

Tip – Enjoy everyone’s slightly different take on it. This is just a simple list of how to make a snowman in a bag, but everyone in our family seemed to make their’s a little different and some were far more generous with the mini m&m’s and chocolate chips!

I have this sneaking suspicion that this may have been Ralph, if I am being completely honest.

snowman favours
snowman favours

On the search for some more snowman ideas?! Perhaps you will be interested in the simple whimsy of Powdered Snowman Donuts!!

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