A 5 year old and her drawings

Just because she is 5, doesn’t mean the world needs to be robbed of her unique art.

So here you go world. Feast your eyes on some of my favrouite drawings presented to me in the past months.


Dad’s Airplane.

“Wow. Thats really good! Is that dad’s airplane? Is it the airplane dad is going to fly on tomorrow?”


“I like how you included the flight attendant offering drinks from the cart.”

“Me too.”

“There are a lot of details. What are all these little star like things?”

“Those are the small fires that have broken out all over the plane.”

“Wait. What?! Why?!”

“Well it’s about to crash. Don’t worry they are just little fires, that is why they are still serving drinks!”

“That’s terrible – do not give that to your father. And they really shouldn’t still be serving drinks…”

“He will think it’s funny (which he did).”

“Plane crashes aren’t funny.”

“They are when I draw them! This isn’t the type of plane crash where everyone dies, its the type where everyone laughs about it after.”

“I don’t know that type.”

“Well you should – use your imagination. A gingerbread cookie is flying the plane! Of course it’s going to crash – do you really think a ginger bread man can fly an airplane mom?!”

“Uh no, I guess not. My bad. What a lovely picture of a feel good plane crash….?”




When Inspiration Hits:

Gets out of bed.

Rushes past in full on run, “morning mom” tossed over her shoulder, in search of paper and pen.

Immediately starts furiously drawing.

Unable to resist inquiring any longer, I ask

“Hey – what are doing?!’

“I am drawing a fish dancing.”

“Oh. And is that a disco ball?”

“Yes. I said he was dancing!”

“You had to literally jump out of bed to run and draw this fish dancing?!”

“Yes. My eyes opened and I just knew I had to draw a fish dancing under a disco ball right now.”

“Of course you did.”

Well then I guess you best go with it, there is no accounting for when inspiration hits!



When You Realize There Is No Denying You Are Raising a Kid In Vancouver:

“Wow this is a wonderfully detailed drawing you have made.”

“Thanks. This is the castle and drawbridge. And this is the bike lane on the drawbridge.”

“Your drawbridge has a bike lane?!”

“Yes of course, otherwise how could the cyclists know where to go?”

“Um, true….”




The Under Water Dance Party:

*Hands me completed drawing*

“Thanks. Is this fish wearing head phones?”

“Yup. This is a scene of a underwater dance party. His headphones are hooked up right into this.”

“Very original. I love it.”

“And see this whale was about to eat this fish it was chasing, but then they got wrapped up in the music and started dancing instead.”

“Well that sounds much more fun than being eaten.”

“And this is the scuba diver filming the dance party and this is the anchor for the floating dock.”

“Wow. You’ve thought of everything.”

“Yes. And even the crab is dancing – see he has his claws up in the air like he just doesn’t care!”

*quickly turns head, and tries to hide laughter by coughing*


“Sorry crabs who put their claws in the air like they just don’t care are my kryptonite – I can’t help it!”


I can barely wait to see what she presents me with next!!

So it’s no real surprise why our quirky, little artist loved her experience with The Little Picasso Series this past summer.




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  1. That does sound like Acacia’s wonderful imagination. I hope she always keeps that zest for life.

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