A Homemade Copycat Peanut Buster Parfait

peanut buster parfait copycat

So sometimes during self isolation your stressed out husband turns to you and says “I could really go for Dairy Queen’s Peanut Buster Parfait right now.” So, you reply “I bet making hot fudge sauce might not be too hard.” Because you know Pinterest has your back!

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30 Ideas For Kids Indoor Activities

It donned on me, with the suggestion from a brilliant family member, that we have a fair number of kids indoor activities we have done ourselves. We have used them over the years to keep busy and occupied while … you guessed it… indoors. We have been social distancing at different times, for one reason or another, before we even knew there was actually a term for it!

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Camera Sugar Cookies

CAMERA cookie

As a photographer and avid Instagrammer I am surprised it actually took me so long to come up with an excuse to have camera sugar cookies in my life. I was long overdue to come up with a camera inspired cookie! These little cuties made their debut at a photography show of my work. I figured that making friends with cookies, and cute cookies at that, could hardly go wrong!

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