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Popcorn Snacking Extravaganza

It has come to my attention that I like popcorn more than a little. So I would like to take this moment to publicly declare my love for popcorn and it’s many forms! Yes popcorn. Of course popcorn. I am pretty sure you all knew that was where I was going with that one! Continue reading Popcorn Snacking Extravaganza

Cinnamon and Sugar (Churro) Popcorn

Popcorn is my jam. Cinnamon and sugar or churros – yeah you’re going to get my interest there too! Put them together and you have a ridiculously good snack or sweet treat. Super yum. This recipe is a little too easy for how good it is, so I understand if we can’t be friends anymore. Or better yet we could be the type if friends who shove handfuls of cinnamony- sugary popcorn into our mouths gleefully! Continue reading Cinnamon and Sugar (Churro) Popcorn