springtime photos

Rainy day photos

rainy day spring photos

What if you have photos all planned and it rains?

Go with it!

Let’s be honest. Rainy day photos are going to look very on point for spring in Vancouver.

Brightly hued rainbooots and cute umbrellas brighten up even the grayest of days. So why not embrace them.

rainy day photos

A few things to consider for adorable rainy day photos:


Wear boots! When we are talking kids especially, gum boots are adorable and practical (but the photographer needs them just as much as anyone). Plus it makes things more enjoyable and you wont ruin your shoes or have sour faces from wet feet.

moody spring pictures


Choose cute umbrellas – make them part of the shot!

It pays to keep in mind, the darker the umbrella the less light it will let through and the more shadow and darkness you will have on the face.

Hold the umbrella tilted behind the head rather than overtop. This allows in more natural light and looks more pleasing to the eye.

rainy day kids pictures


Take shots from behind – then you don’t need to even worry about shadows on the face at all. 

rainy day pics

Let kids run and dance and capture what you will. Candid shots tend to be the best. Though I would suggest a sports setting on your SLR to try and minimize blur. But sometimes a little blur in a shot isn’t the end of the world!

rainy day kids photoskids photos in the rain rainy day kids photos


The light will be softer with less harsh shadows and less concern about an over exposed sky.

rainy day fun

Capture some stormy and moody photos – the ambiance will be great!

spring photos


Remember  to include an easy to hold umbrella for yourself as the photographer too – or extra bonus points for an assistant (this is where one of those Instagram husbands can come in handy). 

Trees can provide natural rain cover

Now is the time for cute jackets (rather than finicky or lightweight fabrics)!

Keep subjects closer, rather than far away. The rain can increase the likeliness of an image being blurry, so try to keep your subject near.

No matter how prepared and easy going your are, pouring rain (rather than light rain) is probably not going to be your friend for long periods of time, except for a couple moody shots.

springtime photos

rainy day pics

how to take great pictures in the rain

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