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Beauty vs Beast Performance Review

Beauty vs Beast

Beauty vs Beast: An Original Musical Parody of a Tale as Old as Time 

When I received the email inviting myself and my girls to see the Beauty vs Beast performance at The Revue Stage at Granville I was intrigued at the concept of the parody. Then when I learned it was written and directed by a teen, my interest was really peaked. Since the girls and I were going to be in the city that day for an appointment as it was, we accepted and made our way to Granville Island for an evening of musical parody.

I really enjoyed getting to experience and share with my kids what teens and kids (as young as they themselves) are capable of! It was great fun seeing them act and sing out this much more relevant parody of what if Belle wasn’t interested in having her fate decided for her or in a story book romance ending. The play touched on a great deal of complex subjects through song and dance – but also made us laugh and giggle often.

This was my 6 year old’s first musical theatre experience and I thought it held her attention well and she enjoyed it. Most of it did go over her head a bit, which is to be expected and the idea of parody is lost on her. So she kept waiting for the wolves to arrive on stage (which is the part of Beauty and The Beast she remembers most). However she loved seeing the kids dressed up and singing and happily clapped after each song.

I would have to say, I felt the performance was absolutely spot on for my 10 year old and she loved it. In fact she asked to include her own review which she wrote out for me the following morning before school:

‘Beauty vs Beast is an entertaining play acted out by talented children. There are some really funny parts. You can see that a lot of effort was put in. I would totally recommend it and put it on a fun bucket list. A well done to that play!’ – Peyton


Both kids were excitedly discussing their favourite parts (the funny parts of course) at both intermission and after. But it also lead to some fairly pointed conversations about gender stereotypes and society’s obsession with beauty on our drive home. So in our house it was a hit. 

If you are looking to check out Beaty vs Beast it will be playing at The Revue Stage @ Granville Island from

May 16 @ 12:30pm & 7pm

May 17 @ 7pm

May 18 @ 7pm

Tickets can be found here at Beauty vs Beast: An Original Musical Parody of a Tale as Old as Time

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  1. What a fun outing for you guys! We love plays and theatre too, though it has been a while since we’ve gone to one. We should definitely check this one out.

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