flamingo cupcakes

Very Easy Flamingo Cupcakes

flamingo cupcakes

I want summer and flamingo cupcakes! I just really do. So this warmer weather has me dancing around. I enjoy something about every one of the seasons and I don’t mind the rain for the most part (I find most everything with kids more challenging in the rain however). Except when it has been raining for upwards of ten days straight and I have forgotten what the sun looks and feels like. Here in Vancouver I suppose we just call that January and February (and sometimes November and December) and possibly June… even more so in the glorious rain forests of North Vancouver! So I guess it makes perfect sense that I am dreaming of brightly hued, fun flamingo cupcakes and embracing our current gorgeous weather!!

These cupcakes are dollar store assisted easy. Like, I feel as if I sort of cheated, easy. And also so simple that my 6 and 10 year old helped out!

So without further adieu I give you flamingo cupcakes for the win!!!

flamingo cupcakesgrass covered cupcakeflamingo cupcakes


Ingredients for Flamingo Cupcakes:


A dozen of your favourite cupcakes (my fave vanilla cupcake recipe can be found here) or use a doctored cake mix

Green Cupcake Liners

Green Wilton Gel Colouring

 Medium Consistency Frosting (an easy recipe can be found here)

Piping Bag

Grass Piping Tip – Wilton No. 233

Pink Plastic Flamingo Swizzle Drink Stir Sticks or Pink Flamingo   Cocktail Picks Toothpicks or something similar 


Directions for Flamingo Cupcakes:


  1. Cut the round ends off of the swizzle drink sticks if need be. Set aside.

2. Colour the medium consistency frosting green.

3. Fit piping bag with the number 233 Wilton grass tip and fill with green frosting.

4. Cover the entire top of the cupcake with piped grass. No need to be perfect, just make sure to fill in all spots, so there are no empty gaps.

5. Insert the pink plastic stir stick into the centre of the cupcake.

6. Viola – all done!

7. Repeat 11 more times. 

Marvel at how you ever thought of doing anything more complicated! 


flamingo cupcake

flamingo cupcakes

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