A 6yr Old’s Thoughts on International Women’s day

You can’t beat 6 year old logic, so you might as well share it!!

The Day Before

6 Yr Old: “Mom is tomorrow International Women’s Day?”

Me: “Yes, it certainly is!”

6 Yr Old: “Well what do you plan to do….be the awesome woman you are everyday?!”

Me: “That’s exactly what I plan to do!”

6 Yr Old: ” Me too. We are awesome!”

Me: “Clearly my work here is done!!!”

*pats self on back*

On Creating Her Own International Day

Me: “Happy International Women’s Day!”

6 Yr Old: “Thanks, but I am not a 37 year old woman.”

Me: “Oh, I see. When does one become a woman then?”

6 Yr Old: “Um, probably around 30.”

Me: “Oh, well what are they before that?”

6 Yr Old: “29!”


6 Yr Old:

Me: “So I see you not big on labels then. Fair enough. What DO you identify as then?”

6 Yr Old: “I identify as an Acacia.”

Me: “Yes, you are an excellent Acacia – I don’t know anyone else named that and there’s no one like you!”

6 Yr Old: “Great. So when is International Acacia Day?!”

Celebrating Her Mother’s Love of Coffee

Last thing before heading to school, she ran back to her room and returned with $3 of her own money (from her piggy bank no less) and told me to treat myself to a coffee on her for International Woman’s Day! That final, little thoughtful moment kept me smiling for hours. If she keeps that up – she might just get her own international day after all!!!

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