All Our Favourite, DELIGHTFUL Blackberry Recipes!!!

Tis the season for delightful blackberries. We have gone a little crazy for blackberries this year! Wonderful, juicy blackberries that make endless delicious treats and yumminess. And this year’s crop has been especially good! So I felt it a great chance to share a round up of all our favourite, delightful blackberry recipes. Some new, some old and all tried and true and on repeat around here.


Blackberry Pie

This is a terrific Blackberry Pie Recipe recipe passed on form my mother-in-law (given to her many years ago by a friend) and a long time favourite. I made a full size pie several times this summer from this recipe. Though my new favourite, the past few years has been to make individual pies in oven proof ramekins. It works great both ways.

blackberry pie

Blackberry Ramekins

Same delicious blackberry pie recipe as above, just divided into 8 individual cup sized ramekins. Which means you can make 1 or 8 at time (the dough stays good wrapped in the fridge for several days). It also means you can use frozen berries without worrying about too much juice. Just dust them in some extra cornstarch, while still frozen, before putting into the pie crust!

blackberry pie

Blackberry Jam

Delightful, delicious blackberry jam perfection. This is my favourite jam recipe of this year. I can’t get enough of it. It is so flavourful and has just the right balance of seeds vs jelly (as I strain out some and leave some of the seeds). It also requires no store bought pectin as blackberries are high in pectin to begin with. It is jam perfection on a buttered piece of toast!

blackberry jam

Blackberry Jalapeno Jelly

This was something new for me to try in the canning department this year. I took risk on it as I love red pepper jelly and was hoping for something similar. And this is remarkedbaly similar. It is delightful on room temperature cream cheese paired with rosemary infused or water crackers for an appetizer. This blackberry jalapeño jelly has just the right amount of heat and sweetness. We have already been through 3 jars. And it will defintiley be on the annual canning list from now on. I easily like it just as much as traditional red pepper jelly!

Blackberry Syrup

OH MY GOODNESS IS THIS EVER GOOD. I have not returned to regular maple syrup on my waffles since this blackberry syrup came into my life. I will be making a double batch of this next time. So as to have enough to last the entire year and not have to ration my family and insist no one wastes a drop. Well it’s so good, I might do that anyway.

Blackberry Cinnamon Buns

This fun recipe has become a tradition for our family to enjoy in blackberry season. If you have never tried blackberry cinnamon buns, which is just regular cinnamon buns with the volume turned up, then you are missing out! Blackberries and cinnamon (buns) were meant to go together. The beauty of this particular recipe is it comes together start to finish, including rise times, in less than two hours.

Blackberry Cobbler

This was a new find this year and already I have made it at least 6 times since discovering the recipe. IT IS SO GOOD. To top it off it is ridiculously easy. One of the most simple desserts I have ever made and definitely the easiest on this list!

I think the secret to the amazing texture of this cobbler is cooking it in the cast iron skillet. I melt the butter in the skillet in the oven while I assemble the rest of the ingredients, then whisk the melted butter in last, after swirling it around the cast iron pan to coat it first. Then I pour the batter back into the buttered skillet, topping with the black berries and sprinkling with a 1/4 cup of sugar. In turn it makes for the most amazing crust and edge pieces. It’s so delightful, especially warm.

I have used both frozen and fresh blackberries and both turn out beautifully. The fruit sinks to the bottom as it cooks. In the last 10 minutes of cooking I tend to only sprinkle with additional 1 Tablespoon of sugar rather than the 2 that’s called for, but either is delicious. This is just such a winner of a recipe!

Blackberry Jelly

When my dad came to visit he disclosed his favourite is blackberry jelly. So I couldn’t resist trying my hand at making some for him to take home. Happily it was met with rave reviews! And I have to admit it is wonderful on baking powder biscuits with butter.

And We Are Not Sick Of Blackberries Yet

Believe it or not we didn’t just eat blackberries this summer! And even after all of that, we still have some of our summer’s freshly picked blackberries now frozen in the freezer for winter. Incase we need muffins, scones, pies or cobblers in the cooler months ahead. Which I am fairly certain we will!

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