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Hi – I’m Laura.

The voice behind Pretty Petunias. I love photography, baking and funny life moments!

Pretty Petunias

Pretty Petunias is where I share my love of baked goods and family recipes! It’s a platform for style, family adventures and hilarious life moments. A place to find the design and craft projects or trips to Paris we take.

Pretty Petunias is a nickname for my daughters.

Pretty Petunias

Despite the fact that I have nearly always written and taken photographs, I haven’t always had a blog.  But the world needed to know about my Mother-In-Law’s Peach Pie, my Great Grandmother’s Tea Biscuits or the concept of a Sugar Cookie House.

Along the way I have written for Creative Sides, BOLD Imaging and VKFW magazine, as well as guest posts for Vancouver Mom.

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Rarely do I run short on ideas, only time.

I love creating new recipes or ways of doing things. 

I have a penchant for writing in brackets (I won’t get thru a blog post or even this bio without them) and laughing at things that are only funny to me.  

There is no denying my love for travel, baking and design. I have been baking since I was a child and arguably as a photographer’s daughter, photography might just be heredity.

Crawford Family

Somewhere along the way I taught myself to cook. Probably after my husband lovingly cooked the same thing for dinner every night, for a year.

I am proud to be a Top 30 Blogger and a Vancouver Mom to Follow.

Pretty petunias

This Family of Mine

I am a mother to two incredible girls who genuinely believe there is never enough sprinkles! The Hubster helps to make my big ideas happen, especially when they call for heavy lifting. We work hard to teach our kids to be capable, creative and to work on things as a team. Which means the three of them often get in on things (and show me up) in the kitchen and cake decorating! Together we call North Vancouver home and enjoy many delicious, messy and hilarious adventures. 

Laura Crawford
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Laura Crawford
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Pretty Petunias

Adventures in baking, decor, d.i.y. and hilarious children

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