Little Snowman Heads

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I needed an easy-peasy treat for Peyton’s class to wish them all a nice winter break before we flew the coop early for Florida. I have seen variations of these snowman heads floating around the internet for some time, so on the way home from our errands we pulled into the grocery store and grabbed a couple packs of mini powdered donuts. They were destined to become snowmen for the class. The kids are old enough now that they can help and so I want them to, but this still requires simple projects (which is probably best for my sanity anyways). While at the store, I also grabbed a pack of starburst candies (I find them perfectly mouldable for snowman noses…) and headed home for yet another edible, but messy, project!

Oh hey guys –  can’t help but notice, seems like you’re all staring at me…


What this project required:

Mini Powdered Donuts
Orange Starburst Candies (for the carrot like noses)
Chocolate Melting Wafers (Candy Melts)
Disposable Piping Bag

…and patience for all the ‘help’ you are going to get!!!

For such an occasion, we just happened to have a snowman shaped plastic treat carrier I picked up from superstore last year for .88 cents on clearance (I knew he would come in handy at some point).


Hey handsome – not bad for 88 cents….


Step 1:
First unwrap and then cut up the orange starburst candies diagonally into four equal pieces. Then using your fingers, shape each piece into a carrot like shape for the nose.

Step 2:
Place each candy nose into the centre of the donuts. Quartering the candies seemed to make for just the right sized nose to fit into the donut centre and stay upright on its own.

Step 3:

Next melt a 1/4 cup chocolate candy melts in the microwave, stirring every 10 seconds.

Step 4:
Cut a very small tip off of the disposable piping bag (alternately a small ziplock with a very small corner cut off would work as well). I find using an actual piping tip this small can get clogged with how quickly the chocolate hardens.

Step 5:
Pour the melted chocolate into the bag and pipe on tiny dots for eyes and smile on the upper and lower half of the donuts.


There he is, Mr. Snowman…staring right into your soul


Step 6:

Repeat. Until you have an army of snowman heads.

Our own troop of mini snowmen heads.


Step 7:
Pack up to take to class and in our case marvel at having just the right container!

Oh hey again guys! … and yeah, I still can’t quite help but notice it seems like you’re all still staring right at me…


This was definitely a simple project to take on with kids and was still a big hit with the class!

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mini snowman donuts
mini snowman donuts
Mini Snowman Donuts

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