The ‘real’ Me


This is me.

The real me.

According to my four year old.

She proudly presented me with this portrait, saying:

“Here mommy, it’s the real you!”

“What do you mean the real me?!”

“I made sure to include the black part at the top of your hair, so it would REALLY look like you. Because when you look really closely, you can tell your hair is a different color where it comes out of your head!”

“Um, thanks.”

Now perhaps you are wondering about the two large yellow semi circles on either side.

I asked.

These are in fact lemons squirting at me.

This is apparently hilarious (uproariously so to a 4 year old).

Naturally, I next took upon myself to ask why there were giant lemons squirting at me, but all this would ever get me was my four year old doubled over in laughter, every single time I bring it up, without fail.

So like I said, giant squirting lemons are very funny.

And in other unrelated news I have booked myself a hair appointment.

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