How to Create a Reading Corner


So my life is busy. Just like everyone else. And yet I jumped at the opportunity to help create a multi purpose space in one of the portables at my daughter’s school (yes I can see and/or hear you all shaking your heads in horror for volunteering willingly for such a huge project). But I love design that much and I also love (flying head first into) a challenge and nothing is more fun than decorating for kids!! Continue reading How to Create a Reading Corner

The Rather Incredible Breton Brittle

Hansel and Gretel Breton Brittle

Breton Brittle (or as it’s become known by my kids in our house, ‘Hansel and Gretel’) is pretty amazing stuff. Like, beg mom to make hansel and gretel stuff, popular. I actually like to watch for sales and try to always have a box of Breton Crackers on hand in the house (just to be able to whip this bad boy up on a moments notice)! Having the ingredients, which tend to be pantry staples anyway, has saved me many a time when I needed something quick. Continue reading The Rather Incredible Breton Brittle

Earth Day Cookies

earthy day cookies

This is a fairly simple cookie, that goes over well on earth day, or anytime you feel the need for ‘I heart the earth’ cookies. I suppose there is never a wrong time to show the earth some love! These cookies are simple enough to make, that one should walk away with same level of sanity they began with (sadly, I can not say that for every recipe or project I embark on). But these cute cookies are easy  and they tend to make an annual appearance for Earth Day around here.

Continue reading Earth Day Cookies

Eiffel Tower Sugar Cookies

Eiffel tower sugar cookies came about when I began taking french classes when my oldest entered kindergarten in french immersion. Partially because I have always wanted to learn and mostly because it seemed like a poor idea to one day have a child (even a teenager – gulp-) that spoke a language I didn’t!

Continue reading Eiffel Tower Sugar Cookies

Amazing Strawberry Cake


Strawberry cake

In all my years of making cake for loved ones, there is this one Strawberry Cake that gets reactions like no other!! A cake, that the first time I made it, had the entire household sit down at 4pm in the afternoon, the moment it was finished being frosted, and dive right in, having cake before dinner. Dinner. Then more cake. In fact I never quite got thru icing it entirely, before little fingers appeared and were sneakily swiping and licking frosting. Continue reading Amazing Strawberry Cake

Record ‘Balloons’ With Silhouette

I immediately fell in love with this silhouette of a little girl holding balloons, which are actually records. I thought it was such an adorable idea for a wall. I knew I wanted something with some musical inspiration for the space I was working on, and when I found this on Pinterest, I knew right away what I was going to do! Continue reading Record ‘Balloons’ With Silhouette

Literary Sign Post


I have seen many versions of delightful storybook and literary sign posts floating around Pinterest for years and have of course wanted to make my own for ages. But really our place is done, there is not an inch to spare. But when I took on the challenge of turning a portable at my daughter’s school into a fun and inviting multi purpose space, I knew I finally had just the excuse I needed!! Continue reading Literary Sign Post

D.I.Y Rock Pillows

A plethora of soft, beautiful, stuffed rocks piled this way and that, in a big tumbling pile, is what I was picturing in the reading corner with my DIY rock pillows. Kids lounging and reading on large rock pillows and tossing little rocks (pillows) at each other. And now the time had finally arrived to make this happen because I have been longingly feasting my eyes on gorgeous felted rock pillows for far too long. Continue reading D.I.Y Rock Pillows

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