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Little Mini Chocolate Gingerbread Houses

Mini gingerbread cookie houses are fun. They are small enough to make for little projects. Irresistibly cute and easy to decorate. And they make wonderfully sweet winter gifts. Just perfect to have along side a cup of hot chocolate or devour!

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Great Grandma Florence’s Memorable Shortbread

Shortbread is one of those staple recipes that have very few ingredients, but does not always make for an easy recipe. However I think Great Grandma might just have found a way to make it successful every time.

close up image with text of great grandma's shortbread

This recipe is not just memorable, but both easy and simple. Not to mention delicious. I suspect it is the addition of rice flour and not just the use of all purpose flour that helps make for the delicate crumb and consistency.

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Giant Pull Apart Gingerbread Man

giant pull apart gingerbread man

A pull apart gingerbread man is great for little hands. This handsome dude is much less fussy than tiny details and especially ideal for younger kids who need a parent’s assistance. But he’s equally great for families looking for a cool weather, single household yummy project! So much quicker and simpler to make one big ‘cookie’ than many smaller ones.

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My Mother-in-Law’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and then are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I can’t really tell you why this particular recipe of somewhat conventional ingredients is so fantastic. But it is a really, really good cookie!

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Camera Sugar Cookies

CAMERA cookie

As a photographer and avid Instagrammer I am surprised it actually took me so long to come up with an excuse to have camera sugar cookies in my life. I was long overdue to come up with a camera inspired cookie! These little cuties made their debut at a photography show of my work. I figured that making friends with cookies, and cute cookies at that, could hardly go wrong!

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Heart Shaped Cookies with Cat Whiskers

heart shaped sugar cookies

These little heart shaped cookies with cat whiskers are simple, fun and oh so cute! A great treat to whip up for a kids party, themed or not! If I remember correctly my kids took these to an actual cat themed party, but they were a great deal easier to do with a cute heart nose and whiskers than actual cat shaped cookies.

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Gingerbread Row Houses

gingerbread row houses

Gingerbread row houses are so simple, making them terrific for little hands and family group projects! I can’t really help wondering how I didn’t try the idea out sooner. Why go to the headache of making it 3D when all kids care about is the decorating and copious amounts of candy?!

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Autumn Acorn Cookies

acorn sugar cookies

Sometimes inspiration gets a little nudge. Like with these acorn sugar cookies. It so happens that #NationalCookieDay and #NationalPumpkinSpiceDay coincide this year. It’s a rather happy coincidence. And around here it resulted in a delightful cookie that celebrates fall. Which is a great way to welcome autumn with a sweet treat!

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Sugar Cookie House

sugar cookie house

So I had this idea. Make a Sugar Cookie House. And it turned out fairly darn well I must admit. You see our kids love decorating and building gingerbread houses. Generally this is an activity the cousins like to get together and do which makes it even more fun. Continue reading Sugar Cookie House