Simple Summery Ice Cream Cone Inspired Cupcakes

In the category of easy peasy treats this one takes the cake – the cupcake, to be exact! Ice cream cone cupcakes are a summertime easy, breezy and fun way to take a simple cupcake to a show stopper!

These made an appearance at our end of school pool party. And they absolutely scream summer to me! I found the idea on Pinterest (where else?!). But it was a little light on directions, not that it requires much after inspiration, since the variations and differences make the idea come to life.

ice cream cupcakes

I had a box of generic ice cream cones on hand in the cupboard. Rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, non-perils and chocolate chips. I used my favourite vanilla cupcake recipe (filled with homemade vanilla pudding for little extra yum) and a simple vanilla butter cream to make these quick and easy ice cream themed desserts come to life. Of course a cake mix could work just as well.

What This Cupcake Treat Needs:

Cupcakes of your choice, with fun liners

Buttercream Icing, tinted to your favourite ‘ice cream’ hues

Mini or full size chocolate chips

Colourful Sprinkles and Non-perils

Ice Cream Cones (regular or waffle)

A long narrow platter or cake board

Piping bags (with the tip cut off or a Wilton #12 Tip)


After baking and cooling cupcakes in foil cupcake liners (they hold much stronger colour after baking then traditional paper liners), I whipped up some butter cream frosting. Next I divided the frosting in to 3 batches. Using Wilton gel colours I coloured one batch green (think mint chocolate chip ice cream), pink (hello strawberry ice cream) and left one white (can’t forget vanilla ice cream). Then I laid out the ice cream cone and cupcakes on my plates.

A small dab of icing helps keep each cone in place. My plates allowed for five full size cupcakes each. I filled 3 piping bags with each colour and piped the icing in such a way as to mimic ice cream scoops. This takes a generous amount of frosting per cupcake, but no real technique. If it doesn’t look right, just remove the cupcake, scrape off the icing and try again. Start with the bottom cupcake and work your way up, alternating colours and toppings. The trick is to make 2 or three ‘clouds’ on the base of each ‘scoop’ that borders on the cone or the previous cupcake. The sky is the limit for favourite toppings. I kept things simple and used what I had on hand. But chocolate drizzle and a cherry on top would take things up a notch for sure!

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