smart cookies

Clever Cookies

Clever cookies for fun times. Looking for quick way to celebrate academic achievements, good reports or challenging weeks, baked good style?!

I bring you One Smart Cookie!

Simply pull together a half batch of your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe and make into two very large cookies, instead of several smaller cookies, on a parchment lined baking sheet. 

Be sure to leave enough room for the cookies to expand.

Monitor baking times, depending on oven temperatures and cookie size, anywhere from 12 – 22 minutes.

Creating a Clever Look

Once cookies are cool enough, I used Wilton Gell in black to draw on glasses and a smile. Then added in edible eye candies to complete the look!

smart cookies

And viola – 2 smart cookies!!

My kids were so thrilled to get to eat giant cookies.

Have an achievement to celebrate?! Then let the giant cookie celebrations commence!!!

Giant Cookie Celebration Ideas:

  • Report Cards
  • Back to School
  • Successful Test Scores
  • Last Day of Classes
  • Mondays

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