camera sugar cookies

Camera Sugar Cookies

CAMERA cookie

As a photographer and avid Instagrammer I am surprised it actually took me so long to come up with an excuse to have camera sugar cookies in my life. I was long overdue to come up with a camera inspired cookie! These little cuties made their debut at a photography show of my work. I figured that making friends with cookies, and cute cookies at that, could hardly go wrong!

camera sugar cookies

And because I was indeed taking part in a photo art show and all the work and nerves that encompass such things, I went with a simple plan for these cookies.

I began with my go-to sugar cookie recipe, rolled it out and used a square cookie cutter. Baked them on parchment lined cookie sheets and allowed them to cool completely.

Then I flooded the cookies with black icing, white icing and grey icing. Next while the frosting was still wet I added a round inverted melting wafer in white, yellow or black for the ‘lens.’ Then two edible gold dots in the left corner and a star ‘sprinkle’ for the flash in the right. Lastly I used Wilton sparkle gel to draw a highlight on the ‘lens.’

I left the cookies uncovered for several hours to allow the icing to set. Then I made new camera loving friends!

sugar cookies

I have never successfully made a true black icing. So I use a bottled black cookie icing for flooding when I want a truly black background.

Melting wafers come in many different colours and flavours and can be found at Michaels or other baking or crafting stores.

I also found the gold and star decorating sprinkles/shapes at Michaels in the baking aisle.

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camera sugar cookies

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