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Amazing Strawberry Cake


Strawberry cake

In all my years of making cake for loved ones, there is this one Strawberry Cake that gets reactions like no other!! A cake, that the first time I made it, had the entire household sit down at 4pm in the afternoon, the moment it was finished being frosted, and dive right in, having cake before dinner. Dinner. Then more cake. In fact I never quite got thru icing it entirely, before little fingers appeared and were sneakily swiping and licking frosting. Continue reading Amazing Strawberry Cake

Pull Apart Succulent Cake

Pull Apart Succulent Cake

heart shaped succulent pull apart cake

Nothing says happy anniversary like a pull apart, heart shaped, succulent cake, right?! Right.  Or at least for my brother and sister in-law.

heart shaped succulent cake Continue reading Pull Apart Succulent Cake