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An IMPROMPTU Trip To Provence France!

Ever planned a European trip in a week (well 8 days to be exact)?! Well we did. The Hubster had last minute work come up and I have a strict never say no to Paris clause (ok I made that up – but I stand by it). So we got busy planning, on what was arguably already a very busy week. We left for Paris with only an inkling we might end up in Provence, France.

Provence, France
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A Parisian Week In Spring


Paris is always a good idea!!

A Parisian week in spring is an even better idea! Even if it meant some whirlwind planning of only a week to make it reality. I wasn’t about to turn down Paris in the spring. And of course it did not disappoint.

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Paris In The Winter

Hello breakfast on a heated patio.
A warm lunch of delicious soup á l’oignon and chocolat chaud.
If ever there was an excuse needed for such. Paris in the wintertime is it. Sights are even better when sandwiched between these delicious moments, in the city that has perfected them.

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