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Mini ‘Popsicle’ Cupcakes

These cute, little mini popsicle cupcakes were a perfectly sweet answer for my youngest’s first solo decorating project. They were also quite the hit for her class treats!

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Simple Summery Ice Cream Cone Inspired Cupcakes

In the category of easy peasy treats this one takes the cake – the cupcake, to be exact! Ice cream cone cupcakes are a summertime easy, breezy and fun way to take a simple cupcake to a show stopper!

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Mini Rainbow Cupcakes

These rainbow cupcakes have a way of bringing a smile to everyone’s face. When the rainy days of Vancouver set in and the resulting weeks of  grey, our elementary school has their annual Rainbow Day. It’s a simple and fun concept really –  WEAR ALL THE COLOURS!!! So we set about to create a suitable treat for the occasion.

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