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My Mother-in-Law’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and then are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I can’t really tell you why this particular recipe of somewhat conventional ingredients is so fantastic. But it is a really, really good cookie!

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Gingerbread Row Houses

gingerbread row houses

Gingerbread row houses are so simple, making them terrific for little hands and family group projects! I can’t really help wondering how I didn’t try the idea out sooner. Why go to the headache of making it 3D when all kids care about is the decorating and copious amounts of candy?!

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Laura’s Triple Chocolate Cookies

triple chocolate cookies

These are the most chocolate of chocolate cookies. They are amazing! Definitely a special treat. They take a ridiculous amount of chocolate and turn it into a decadent cookie. Continue reading Laura’s Triple Chocolate Cookies

Tea Time Cookies



Let’s have tea and cookies.


tea bag cookies

Tea parties are a surprisingly common occurrence in our house,
whether with pretend or in actuality. And I am not one to complain (except unless I get stuck with all the hand was dishes at the end) because I adore high tea. There is no real wondering where the kids get it from. Continue reading Tea Time Cookies