heart shaped sugar cookies with cat whiskers

Heart Shaped Cookies with Cat Whiskers

heart shaped sugar cookies

These little heart shaped cookies with cat whiskers are simple, fun and oh so cute! A great treat to whip up for a kids party, themed or not! If I remember correctly my kids took these to an actual cat themed party, but they were a great deal easier to do with a cute heart nose and whiskers than actual cat shaped cookies.

This is a fairly basic idea that kids are definitely able to help out with. With a simple white icing, I tend to make the icing thin enough to dip the cookies into and allow the excess to drip off on a cookie rack over a plate for easy and complete coverage.

All that is needed to make Heart Shaped Cookies with Cat Whiskers:

Sugar cookie dough,
A heart shaped cookie cutter,
An easy icing recipe,
Edible heart shaped ‘sprinkles’ or candies and
Wilton Sparkle Gel icing in black (I found both at Michaels).

heart shaped sugar cooies

Roll out sugar cookie dough, cut out heart shapes and bake. Allow to cool completely.

heart shaped sugar cookies

Make up your cookie icing of choice. Dip each cookie in white icing and place on a tray to allow excess to drip off.

heart shaped sugar cookies

While the icing is still tacky, place a heart shaped candy in the centre of each cookie.

heart shaped sugar cookies

Allow icing to set, if you desire the whiskers to stay raised. Alternately, if you prefer the whiskers to sink in flush with the white frosting, then draw the whiskers on before the icing has had a chance to set.

heart sugar cookies with whiskers
heart sugar cookies with whiskers

Allow the cookies several hours, or even overnight to fully harden. The gel sparkle icing never fully loses its stickiness (so be careful about stacking the cookies on top of each other).

heart shaped whisker cookies
heart shaped sugar cookies


Then dive into enjoying some heart shaped sugar cookies with adorable whiskers!

heart shaped whisker cookies

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