giant pull apart gingerbread cookie

Giant Pull Apart Gingerbread Man

giant pull apart gingerbread man

A pull apart gingerbread man is great for little hands. This handsome dude is much less fussy than tiny details and especially ideal for younger kids who need a parent’s assistance. But he’s equally great for families looking for a cool weather, single household yummy project! So much quicker and simpler to make one big ‘cookie’ than many smaller ones.

large decorated pull apart gingerbread man

Whether to keep it simple or amp up the puzzle factor and details is all up to your own personal discernment. Depends on the ages involved and the complexity of the project one is looking for.

Giant Gingerbread Cookie Pan

We were gifted this Wilton ginger bread pan from a neighbour, but a simple online search turns up several options. And there is always the idea to do this freehand on a large cookie sheet as well. It really is quite easy. You simply start by making a batch of your favourite gingerbread.

Make up your favourite gingerbread (or sugar cookie) dough.

The next step is rolling the dough out on a floured surface. Buttering and flouring the pan generously is necessary too or lining with parchment cut to shape.

Next place the rolled out dough inside, trim edges and use your fingers to push into shape.

Score the shapes (think square-ish puzzle pieces) and bake.

Once out of the oven use a silicone or plastic (as so to not damage the non stick finish on the pan) knife or spatula to cut the pieces while still warm and soft.

Allow to cool completely – in the pan if the pieces are to fit together exactly.

Once cool decorate as you and any other loved ones see fit. With as little or as many toppings as desired.

Older kids and family members may want to bake up several of these large size ginger bread and have a decorating contest. Or make an edible puzzle gift. Just bake up this pull apart gingerbread man, fully decorate and once completely dry, pull apart and wrap nicely to give as a gift of an edible puzzle for some assemble and eat – fun!

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