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Cute And Simple Back To School Cake Ideas

A great way to get excited for school is to celebrate it and we like to do that with our annual back to school cakes! Sometimes kids are super excited for back to school and sometimes super nervous and well sometimes down right ardent that they do not want to go. We have been through them all. Sometimes it’s the kids being excited and sometimes me dreading it. Sometimes the reverse.  Of course kindergarten is always a little more special and nerve racking too. But one thing we have consistently done for the past several years is to celebrate the milestone with a BACK TO SCHOOL CAKE. Cake makes everything better.

back to school cakes

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D.I.Y. Back to School Chalkboard Sign


A homemade chalkboard sign can help make back to school all the more momentous and the photos all the more adorable. I think it’s safe to say I am all about the photos and memories and remembering funny things and moments. So it’s no real surprise that it has become a bit of a right of passage in our house to hold and make our first day of school signs. Continue reading D.I.Y. Back to School Chalkboard Sign

The Conscious Family Organizer

With our youngest starting kindergarten in the fall and me being the super fun, avid list maker and organizer that I am, I jumped at the opportunity to team up with The  Conscious Family Organizer. Continue reading The Conscious Family Organizer

Adorable Apple Shaped Rice Krispies treats



Apple Shaped Rice Krispie Treats


A smooth start to September is all one can hope for with all the excitement and nerves our little ones can throw at us over the beginning of a new school year. But once the dust settles after those first few days (and before I embark on the mountain of forms and paperwork sent my way), I thought a small treat to welcome everyone back and to their new class might be appreciated. So in step these little apple Rice Krispie treats!

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