Acacia’s Baby Room

With my ‘baby’ starting kindergarten, it has definitely put me in the mood to reminisce. I have been thinking back to all the hours I spent sitting, very pregnant, in the rocking chair, in her beautiful room, waiting for her to arrive. It still feels very current in my mind, the moments of partial bed rest, stretching on with long, ill days before her arrival. Before time was whisked away again in the everyday ado and demands of two young kids, family illness and loss and extended family demands.

I’ve made no secret of my love of design and especially interior design. There is no denying it. Entering a room and summing up a space and knowing just what it needs here or there, is just about as natural to me as breathing. It doesn’t take mental work or a disciplined attitude, it just happens. So it should come as no real surprise that I took great pleasure in designing and creating rooms and inviting spaces for my two girls.

In fact moments after passing the 3 month mark with both pregnancies, I could be found on the Restoration Baby and Child website drooling over bedding and options, so that when I learned the intended sex of each baby, their bedding was ordered within the week! We all have our things I suppose! So with all this looking back, I thought this would be great time to share a throw back to Acacia’s lovely nursery.

We painted the walls a lovely mauve, with grey undertones and added white accents, with the occasional detail, like the shelves, in black. We didn’t purchase any new furniture for the room as it was our second child and we had most of the essentials already. The bird cage, overhead light, my husband made, at my bequest and cheering. The dresser was a heirloom passed down from my husband’s family, that he painstakingly refinished, sanding it down and painting it white. We were able to add a little sparkle by the way of light blue crystal handles. We also gave a facelift to a rather dull and tired rocking chair we found, by painting it white and searching high and low for the right fabric to recover the cushions. I finally found the colours I was looking for in a fabric shower curtain, in a discount bin for a mere $12.

I think the clock with the moving bird was the starting point for the room (other than her sister’s hand me down crib), when we found it at a local store’s going out of business sale, I started picturing the rest of the room! The paper, butterfly mobile had my heart from the first moment I saw it at Pottery Barn Kids. After that all the other accents and details started to come together and I was rather pleased with the final outcome. And have had many happy memories in this sweet space!






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  1. It really is the prettiest little room. And to think that was 5 years ago. She’s a busy girl now. Their rooms are both so cute.

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