diy snowflake wand

D.I.Y. Snowflake Wands

How to build simple snowflake wands using only dollar store items. A while back we needed some snowflake wands for a kids party. Turned out finding these were easier said than done. So I made them myself from things I was able to get at our local Dollarama. It was a fun and easy craft. It took me less than 15 minutes to make enough for the whole party. The kids loved them and they were super inexpensive. I would say thats a win win.

diy snowflake wands

D.I.Y Snowflake Wands Will Need:

Retro Striped Paper Straws

Plastic Snowflake Tree Ornaments

Shiny Gem or Snowflake Stickers

Hot Glue and Glue Gun


snowflake wands diy


Step 1:

Warm up the glue gun.

Step 2:

Cut the strings off the snowflake ornaments.

diy snowflake wand

Step 3:

Take a straw, run small bead of glue along the top end and immediately attach a plastic snowflake. Hold in place amount until it dries.

Step 4:

Attach a gemstone sticker or embellished snowflake sticker to the centre of the snowflake.

diy snowflake wand

diy snowflake wands

Step 5:

Repeat in different variations, until you have a desired amount of snowflake wands for all your snowflake princess needs!!

snowflake wand

Step 6:

Display upright in a vase for winter party fun for littles.

diy snowflake wands

This is a simple enough craft that kids could do, but I would suggest using craft glue instead of hot glue, and keeping the snowflakes facedown over night while the glue dried.

diy snowflake wandssnowflake wands


These wands would not be suitable for kids under 3 years of age, as they are not the sort of thing that should go in the mouth or be chewed.

diy snowflake wands

We also made snowflake cookies to go along with our snowflake wands!

And if you need party favours, these build your own snowmen were a real hit! 

And an even simpler idea might be these mini donut snowmen.

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