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Al Fresco At Last

alfresco tea party

It is finally here!! The warmer weather has arrived and if you are anything like us, you are tripping over yourself to spend more time outdoors. Through all those rainy and chilly months perhaps you were envisioning leisurely outdoor meals and parties and living vicariously through beautiful instagram images. No, just me?! Ok, fine. But no longer must we pine over other’s warm weather – the time is here to get out doors and dine alfresco ourselves!

alfresco party

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Kid’s Edible Tea Cups


marshmallow tea cups

Kids Edible Tea Cup Treats

As summer wraps up, we try to celebrate and get every last drop of warmth from the last few weeks of the season. This year we had an end of summer garden tea party at my mother-in-laws. Our kids plus their cousins were very happy to dress up and have tea in the garden. But of course the ideas started flying as soon as the words came out of my mouth about what epic treats each of my girls could make to contribute to such an occasion. Before I was covered in nothing but a tornado of pink frosting, sprinkles and tears (at the five layer cake someone was proposing), I presented the idea of kids edible tea cups.

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Tea Time Cookies



Let’s have tea and cookies.


tea bag cookies

Tea parties are a surprisingly common occurrence in our house,
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