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Fun Oyster Shell Summer Art Project

Oyster Shell Art

summer art project

Oyster art. Because maybe you are like us and like to bring a little of the beach home with you. Maybe you are like my self and use discernment for a special little piece of sea glass here or there. Or perhaps you are more like my youngest and it’s as much as your pockets can hold (and those of your fellow beach goers that you enlist to carry even more). Either way we like to have a summer project when our two families get together with the cousins for a week in the summer. This year it was in Powell River and we found a beach in our travels covered with the most interesting leftovers of oyster shells and inspiration hit.

Oyster Shell art

Enter the dollar store and some 6″ square canvases, seaside beach colours of paint, brushes and the hot glue and glue gun.

I chose just a few colours of turquoise blue, gold and white for the canvas bases, set up shop on the deck and got busy painting. We used the shells, drift wood and tiny stones to add the beach into and onto our art. It was very fun and every member of our family had their way and interpretation, as is always the case.


What this Oyster Shell Art Project took:

9  – Six inch Square canvas’ for the grid shape

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Paint (4 – 6 colours)

Paint brushes (in varying widths and tips)

Shells, stones, drift wood etc

Sharpie markers

art supplies

oyster shell art 

summer art

You would be hard pressed to not be inspired with that view!


  1. Paint the canvas and edges completely and allow to dry.

2. Paint or layer on other details and colours or lay out shells, rocks or driftwood for ideas.

3. Allow paint to dry completely before glueing down any beach found treasures.

summer art canvas

summer art

summer art projects

summer art ideas



Paint a solid colour

Paint a shore line or ocean like seascape

What shapes do the shells suggest to you … birds on a wire, flowers, the ocean floor, a fish or even a tutu…

Play around. This is the fun part.

sea shell art

pebble art

seashell art

Shell art

shell art

summer art project

Bring a Little of Summer Vacation Home With You! 


Oyster Shell art

summer art project

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white oyster half shells on a painted turquoise canvas
nine square canvas painted blue with oysters and sea side finds attached

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  1. I love how different each panel was. Great flavours. The one with the three stones โ€˜posingโ€™ made me laugh. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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