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How To Make A Large Box into A Kids Play House

Our cardboard play house! The kids are never too far from making a plea to keep a ‘perfect’ box or coveted found object forever. But when they turned the large box that a patio chair came into the most adorable play house we have gladly allowed it a prominent spot in our living space (especially when we have been spending more time indoors together). It didn’t hurt that they intentionally went with a black and white colour scheme to ‘blend in’ with our surrounding style.

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D.I.Y. Roman Shade

It only took us nine years! Yes, it has only taken us nine short years to get a shade up on the irregularly sized window in the kitchen, above the sink. Finally after never quite finding what I wanted anywhere, we just went ahead and made our own d.i.y. roman shade. I don’t know what took us so long, because it turned out GREAT and cost us less than $20.

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