black and white cardboard play house

How To Make A Large Box into A Kids Play House

Our cardboard play house! The kids are never too far from making a plea to keep a ‘perfect’ box or coveted found object forever. But when they turned the large box that a patio chair came into the most adorable play house we have gladly allowed it a prominent spot in our living space (especially when we have been spending more time indoors together). It didn’t hurt that they intentionally went with a black and white colour scheme to ‘blend in’ with our surrounding style.

cardboard play house

Can We Keep It Forever?!

I don’t know if this box will truly last forever, but it is still going strong after hours and hours of use! So in my book that is a win. My husband and I offered some suggestions here and there, but I can honestly say this work of art (and love) was all the kids. It’s amazing what an 8 and 12 year old can accomplish when working as a team.

black and white cardboard play house

D.I.Y Kid’s Cardboard Play House

The starting point was a large box, turned on it’s side so it was taller than it was wider. The roof was another box cut apart, but they made use of the natural folds to create the roof. Everything was glued in place with hot glue. Except for some of the paper details, like the black and white roof shingles, where white craft glue was used.

cardboard play house side view

Black and White Cardboard Play House

I like the idea of sticking to a two colour palette like the girl’s did here, but obviously the sky is the limit for ideas. They were able to complete this entire project from items already in our craft cupboards or by reworking supplies we had on hand from other leftover projects.

Painting the Play House

They begun by lining the floor with newspaper and painting the entire exterior white with acrylic craft paint. Instead of painting a second coat for more coverage, they left the white washed affect. And instead used a pencil to draw on boards and nails to make it look like wood.

Door and Details

The door’s shape was traced onto cardboard and cut out. Then painted black with chalkboard paint. Once dry the two pieces were glued in place with hot glue. The address was drawn freehand onto a piece of paper with black sharpie and the door handle was cut from white card stock. The door bell was drawn on.


The mailbox was the unique cardboard package a book came delivered in from Indigo reworked into the correct shape and painted and glued into place.

cardboard play house mail box

Cardboard Play House Windows

The window panes were cut from black construction paper and glued on.

The window box was cardboard covered in grey wood grain wrapping paper. White dollar store paper doilies were used to create the flowers and the stems were crafted from construction paper.

Shingles for the Roof

The shingles for the roof were a little more time consuming. Our eight year old cut them all out from generic white printer paper and a small black pad of construction paper. Then glued them in place with white glue until she wasn’t able to reach any higher.

The Little Extras

Finally the adorable bunting was made by my 8 year old from scrapbook paper and embroidery thread she found.

The back side of the roof was covered with the remaining wood grain wrapping paper and a small pom pom bunting. The sides were left open for storage.

The inside was decorated with more whimsy and features fairy lights, a cosy mermaid tail blanket and pillow. Several times a week a child can be found cozied up in here reading or watching tv.

black and white cardboard play house
black and white cardboard play house

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