Fishy Crackers on a blue cake to look like a fish bowl

A Very Easy Summer Cake

bright blue fish bowl inspired cake with fishy crackers and bubbles

Summer themed cakes abound, but this easy ocean inspired cake is as simple as they come!

blue fishy cracker cake

And spoiler alert kids don’t care if it was easy. They just care that it is blue and has fishy crackers on it and cake inside it!

Add to the fact that the blue icing is meant to mimic waves or water, smooth icing is not the goal. Meaning it is perfect for the young or old, novice and inexperienced to help on. Or even for the kids to complete themselves.

bright blue frosted ocean cake with fishy crackers

Also it can be as high (multiple layers) or as short as desired. I think two layers is nice. However, it’s hard not to smile at the cuteness either way!

The frosting can be homemade, store bought or dairy free. It’s fully customizable, because it’s not fussy and all that matters is that it ends up blue. Just adjust the amount of frosting needed depending on the layers. And make it as turquoise or dark blue as wanted.

Homemade cake or a store bought mix works just as well too. We went with a double layered homemade chocolate. But a doctored cake mix would work really well here too.

close up of fishy cracker blowing bubbles on blue cake

For A Summer Ocean Inspired ‘Fishy’ Cake

You will need:

Fishy Crackers
White non-perils (for bubbles)
Blue Food Colouring
2 Layer Cake of Choice
2 – 3 Cups of Frosting (enough to cover the cave and spread between any layers)

fishy cracker fish bowl cake

Looking for a swimming pool inspired cake, then we have got that too! Or maybe marshmallow fishbowl pops could be more your thing?!

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