Pecan Pesto – A Family Favourite


Pesto is a favourite around here. Not just because it’s green. And not just because we love pasta. And not solely because we can grow basil on our back deck either.  However none of these facts hurt it’s popularity! Continue reading Pecan Pesto – A Family Favourite

Al Fresco At Last

alfresco tea party

It is finally here!! The warmer weather has arrived and if you are anything like us, you are tripping over yourself to spend more time outdoors. Through all those rainy and chilly months perhaps you were envisioning leisurely outdoor meals and parties and living vicariously through beautiful instagram images. No, just me?! Ok, fine. But no longer must we pine over other’s warm weather – the time is here to get out doors and dine alfresco ourselves!

alfresco party

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Beauty vs Beast Performance Review

Beauty vs Beast

Beauty vs Beast: An Original Musical Parody of a Tale as Old as Time 

When I received the email inviting myself and my girls to see the Beauty vs Beast performance at The Revue Stage at Granville I was intrigued at the concept of the parody. Then when I learned it was written and directed by a teen, my interest was really peaked. Since the girls and I were going to be in the city that day for an appointment as it was, we accepted and made our way to Granville Island for an evening of musical parody. Continue reading Beauty vs Beast Performance Review