Canning Party

canning party

Our Very Own Canning Party 

We hosted a lovely canning party recently! Where my mother and mother-in-law were able to pass down their expertise and knowledge and teach another two generations how to can. It was a great way to spend an afternoon, resulting in many lovely spoils!

canning party

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Summer Fun!!!



We love doing things together as a family. But, like every other family I have met, we are really busy. So When I saw the Healthy Family Expo’s Metro Vancouver Summer Family Fun Guide, we called a family meeting (don’t worry, there were treats) and sat down with our giant family calendar and scheduled in the days and events (plus the logistics of the how and when) and we were off to the races. We already love family outings (and spend heaps of time together), but planning and putting aside time for fun that only involved us four at an actual third party location, was really needed and sadly lacking. This Summer Family Fun Guide was quick to remedy that! Really, why not take some time to search out some summer fun with activities that the whole family will enjoy, like we did?! We like fun. And we love the Healthy Family Expo. It was a no brainer, we could definitely combine these in the name of summertime fun! Continue reading Summer Fun!!!