Reusable Bamboo Cups

bamboo travel cup

Hands Down the Best Travel Cup I Have Ever Used!

We are always looking for small changes we can implement into our routines to make better, greener choices. So when I first picked up one of these Peggalish Bamboo Travel Cups I was sold by how lightweight it was. Meaning I could keep it in bag and not really notice the added bulk. Then I tried it out and was delighted with the warmth of the cup and lack of taste transfer to my beverage. I generally hate the plastic or metal taste given off by traditional travel mugs. I have a few ceramic ones, but they only last so long, are heavy and of course breakable. These seemed like a welcome option. Continue reading Reusable Bamboo Cups

My Top 5 Favourite Slow Cooker Meals

slow cooker recipes

Now that autumn is here and the cooler weather has returned, so have the schedules! Dance, homework and work deadlines, classes and routine, it all comes rushing back. So, I thought what better time to share 5 of my all time favourite, go to slow cooker meals! Continue reading My Top 5 Favourite Slow Cooker Meals

The Day With The Smoke and The Balloons

The day Vancouver disappeared

vancouver smoke

This summer, we avoided the outside world for at least week before we headed to the water front to see for ourselves the extent of the smoke that had descended on Vancouver from BC’s  out of control wildfires. Continue reading The Day With The Smoke and The Balloons