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This week I had the honour of attending my first blogger event, a party hosted by to celebrate the year’s top 30 Vancouver mom bloggers. The event was called “STYLE” and had a charming, old world setting in the University Women’s Club of Vancouver at Hycroft Manor.

Let’s just be honest, my excitement for the Top 30 STYLE Gala and Fashion Show was met equally with intimidation. I was so excited for this night, for weeks I did a happy dance every time I thought of it.  But I was nervous too, because the reality is I am the new kid on the block and I did not know exactly what to expect.  Wonderful or not, it can be intimidating to be in room full of inspiring women (who didn’t bring their trophy husbands – as he insisted on introducing himself to everyone as – for moral support). I knew none of the women there. None. In fact I had never met a single individual attending in person before EVER. So I brought my husband (I mean I have been along to his awards ceremonies before and he is the one that nominated me after all). Turns out he was 1 of the 4 men in attendance that evening (giving him invaluable insight into what I have experienced for years, attending his construction related events as 1 of the 4 woman)! So even though I felt rather self conscious at times, it eased as the night went on and I was so grateful to have been included.

Somewhere in the evening the realization struck that I had just been accepted into an amazing group of blogging women and that in a year from now I could be laughing and visiting with people that were no longer strangers. As in next time I might not even need my ‘trophy husband,’ because I am pretty sure I have got this. As the evening progressed, I began to meet others from the 2017 top 30, which was really fun and I was finally able to start putting faces and personalities with online personas, something that was surprisingly harder than I thought initially – not everyone looks like their picture and not everyone talks like they write!!

What an amazing evening and such a fun event, at an incredible location!


Group pic of 2017 Top Bloggers:

… I would have loved my hubby to motion for me to get closer and therefore look like more of the group… but I will try to adopt my daughter’s view of at least no one will have to look for you…


And then there was the swag bag of goodies!!!!


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  1. The photos are beautiful. Your love of architecture and eye for detail really come through in your shots — and you looked lovely. I’m glad you enjoyed your gala evening and can put some names to faces now. Congrats on being nominated. Will look forward to enjoying more of “life’s tales”.

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