The Day With The Mittens


The day with the mittens started out like most others, with the only exception being we were attending a meet and greet for the upcoming kindergarteners at the school park.

“Are you nearly ready?”


“What are you doing digging through the winter clothes?”

“Nothing. Just need my mittens.”

“Uh no you don’t. It’s the middle of summer.”

“YES I DO. Mittens make a great first impression!!”

“What, since when?! You want your first impression with the other kids to be of you in a tank top, shorts and mittens?”



“I told you MOM – mittens make a great first impression!”

“…yeah you will be memorable alright…”




So over the course of rest of the morning, I expectedly catch myself saying all of these:

“Don’t brush your teeth with mittens on please!”

“Don’t try to brush and do your hair in mittens – it makes a mess!”

“Don’t eat your breakfast with mittens on.”

“Don’t try to open Tic Tac’s with mittens…”

*a million tic tac’s everywhere*

“….mom I can’t clean these up I have mittens on.”




Meet and greet goes swimmingly well. Great impressions are made all around with other fellow five year olds.

I, of course, am now known as the mother of the child with the mittens.




Later that afternoon, while shopping in a woman’s store, a purse is brought to my attention,

“This is the perfect purse for my mittens!”

“Still with the mittens? Why do you need a purse for your mittens, it’s August?”

“Remember Mom, how I told you mittens make a good first impression?!”

“Yes. I will probably never forget it.”

“Well after you have made that impression, you need somewhere to store them. This purse is perfect for carrying your mittens in summer.”

Thanks to such irrefutable logic, and paying with her own allowance, we are now the proud owners of an understated gold chained, blush pink evening bag. For kindergarten. To keep her first impression mittens in.


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  1. I sent a comment, but see it didn’t go earlier. If we didn’t know Acacia, I’d think this was a bit of fiction. But we know her, and it just made me laugh & laugh. That is so her. Her logic is just too cute!

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