Homemade Orange Julius Copycat

homemade Orange Julius

Homemade Orange Julius is a favourite warm weather treat around here. This is our go to summer drink and we love, love, love it!! In fact we have all come to like it even more than the real thing!

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D.I.Y. Roman Shade

It only took us nine years! Yes, it has only taken us nine short years to get a shade up on the irregularly sized window in the kitchen, above the sink. Finally after never quite finding what I wanted anywhere, we just went ahead and made our own d.i.y. roman shade. I don’t know what took us so long, because it turned out GREAT and cost us less than $20.

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Dedicate A star

dedicate a star

What do get the person who has everything?! Or what if you are searching for a personalized gift? Or maybe even just wanting a sweet sentiment for someone you love? HR MacMillian Space Centre has a fabulous Dedicate-A-Star Program which ticks every box and nearly every occasion (and in several different price points too)!

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