An Annual Summer Tradition


In the realm of annual traditions, my favourite summer tradition has got to be the annual photo I take of the girls each year. Each year since my youngest could sit. I have taken the girls down to a beautiful seaside cove not far from where we live and taken two pictures (well many more, but in the same two locations). One up on the hill looking out over the water and a second down on the beach still gazing out over the water.

For this summer tradition I try to keep each girl on the same side, put them both in white shirts and do it during the warm months to keep continuity. And to keep their hair down and loose so as to see the growth and changes from year to year. In just the six years we have been doing this, I have fallen in love with each picture and in the story that this series of two sisters growing up is starting to tell!!!




What better backdrop than picturesque and beautiful Deep Cove?!


watch me grow photos



A few years have passed…interested in a more up to date version of this tradition?! Then check out Watching Them Grow

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