Chompy Teeth Day

Chompy Teeth Day. Yes, that is a thing in our house. A special revered day. The day my youngest and I ventured across the water to Gastown to purchase the Chompy Teeth wind up toy she had talked non stop about for over a month. The one’s she had seen in a tourist shop with her grandfather. The wind up toy she had saved the money, he had given her at the airport, earmarked in my wallet for ‘chompy teeth’ and nothing else (not even candy). So it was our adventure. Our Chompy Teeth adventure. She got up early, knowing today was the day and put on her favourite outfit and of course coined the phrase ‘it’s chompy teeth day.’ And subsequently greeted everyone we met with it! So we indeed made a day of it, taking the sea bus across the water, walking to the shop and purchasing the wind up teeth, then touring the teeth around town as if they were tourists (yes you read that correctly, the teeth got a tour around town). Definitely more her idea than mine, but really what a super silly and fun day and therefore Chompy Teeth Day was born and has definitely become one for the books!!!

Some people photograph their garden gnomes out and about (it’s a thing!) … but, thanks to lovely, quirky, clever Acacia – we choose chattering teeth as our muse!

Was it a weird, random (even arguably creepy), somewhat annoying toy?! No comment.

Was it the funniest, silliest day ever?! Absolutely!!

Our day included plenty of walking and sights and we made sure to stop for lunch and later donuts. There may or may not have also been hot chocolate somewhere in there as well, after all not every day is Chompy Teeth Day!

Adventure awaits! So join us here on our photo diary of Chompy Teeth Day!!!



The end.









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    1. Exactly!!!

      Well except for the days where I wake to the chattering teeth on my pillow and nearly jump out of my skin;)

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